"Wake Up & Crank Up, The Threat Is Here!"

About Us

On June 21, 2007 members of local motorcycle clubs based out of Atlanta, branched out to form a new motorcycle club called "TRIPLE THREAT RYDAZ". The new club was started with unbound momentum and enthusiasm. Triple Threat Rydaz is a Family club. This club wanted to make a difference in the community and not just race from one local hangout to another (although it does happen from time to time). Our founding members come from all walks of life being diverse in language, culture, and employment. Triple Threat Rydaz hit the ground running with a strong force of unity. Together men and women with a family mentality on a mission to accomplish brotherhood with a balance of Community, Family and the pleasure of motorcycle riding.

The purpose of this organization shall be to bring together Men and Women whose common interest is motorcycle riding,and social networking and promoting good fellowship, family oriented atmosphere supporting our community in a positive manner, and encouraging membership among the Motorcycle community.


Our mission is to generate a high level of enthusiasm for motorcycle riding, custom automobile, & social networking while providing a safe environment for which to do so. "TRIPLE THREAT" will accomplish this through sportsmanship, friendship, brother & sister hood, encouragement, fellowship, protection, image, support and unity.